We provide you:
  • Less costs = Transparancy
  • Full control = Safety & Reliability
  • Customer Satisfaction = Quality


One-stop-shopping without limitations.

  • Factory to Foundation
  • Chartering
  • Forwarding
  • Consultancy

Whether you require a total “tailored” factory-to-foundation solution or just hire us for specific parts of the overall chain we always take the total picture into consideration and will advise and assist you where and when necessary or needed to always contribute to a smooth transition of control and responsibility.

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Factory to Foundation

Tailor-made total transport solutions and management

At xXtras we fully comprehend the needs and requirments of our customers and the value of timely hassle free arrival of goods. Together with the thorough understanding of each segment in the complete logistical chain, from factory to foundation and our extensive network we are able to offer you total multimodal project management.

We believe that especially in the H/L segment a full service integration will contribute highly to a smooth execution leading to succesfull outcome.

Ownership of the entire transportation-chain provides a single point of contact streamlining both administration and accountability and will ensure a seamless connection between the various modalities.

factory to foundation


Independent brokering creates flexibility on multiple level resulting in lower overall transport costs

Operating as a fully independent broker with very good contacts and relations with the globally operating A-class Carriers and Owners whether operating in Liner Service and/or as tramper our aim is to charter vessels which first and foremost suit the requirements of the project on all aspects, i.e. technically, reliability, contractually, time-wise and freight. We can provide tailormade solutions in the field of:

  • Deepsea
    • Heavylift vessels
      load on/load off
    • Semi- and submersible vessels/pontons
      float on/float off
    • Open deck/dock vessels/Car Carriers
      roll on/roll off
    • Towage
  • Coastal / Inland
    • Geared/gearless coasters
    • Barging
independent chartering


Through sub-contracting to reliable and likeminded partners, which are thoroughly screened up-front to ensure they match our standards and our work ethics, we can also provide:

  • Roadtransport
  • Rail transport
  • Wharehousing
  • Airfreight
  • Customs
  • Seaworthy packaging
  • Stuffing/Stripping of containers
  • Purchase of all type of containers based on project requirements

We will take ownership of all sub-contracted work so with no exception to the rule, we will thoroughly manage our sub-contractors throughout the duration of the projects they are engaged in.

forwarding exceptional transport

Consultancy / Advisor

Penny wise, pound foolish

Operating on a fully independent basis we can also provide you with tailored well researched advice on each individual part in the logistical chain or any choosen combination of those. We simply suit and adjust to your requirements.

“Money talks” in every business

But we believe that smart cost allocation (spend just that little bit more) in the project set up on proper job evaluation and analysis will create substantial savings throughout the execution of the total project and mitigate wasted money later on with the unexpected. It goes without saying that on behalf of our Clients we will always search for the most competitive prices but never without losing focus on the value for money.

smart cost allocation

About xXtras

Exceptional transport management

xXtras has a pedigree of more than 20 years in all aspects of global transport with particular specialism in abnormal shaped and weighted goods.

By the creation of xXTRAS a new, vibrant and dynamic platform has been created in the market, allowing the highly experienced people behind it the opportunity to apply new ways of thinking for the multitude of challenges faced in offering high quality and hassle free product movement from point of origin to final point of rest.

Company core values


Working alongside with the customer preferably already in an early stage of production to optimize every aspect of the transport with no other motive then to jointly work on a succesfull outcome of a project.


We value longterm relationships built on honesty and trust irrespective whether it is a Client/Principal or a sub-contractor/supplier.


We recognize that there is no price tag on safety, it is either a safe working environment or it is not. We never compromise on safety at all levels of the product movement both within our own organisation but also that of it carefully selected suppliers.


At xXtras we are totally commited to producing our services to the highest possible standards of quality. Prior to any transport start up we will always agree a series of KPI,s with our clients that ensure focused and targeted quality initiatives throughout

expertise in abnormal shaped and weighted goods